Giving Back


Get Your Signature Dr. Wilson Inspirational T-Shirt!

There is another opportunity for you to support the movement and look fabulous while doing it! Purchase your signature Dr. Wilson Inspirational Quote T-Shirt today! “Queens Don’t Trip We Adjust Our Crowns Proceeds will benefit #SurpriseTheStruggling’s campaign movement to assist homeless women and teen girls receive the necessary hygienic assistance; helping them meet their needs each day.

“Queens Don’t Trip We Adjust Our Crowns” I Am Dr. Wilson

T-Shirts come in black or white, each sold for $35.00 S/H and tax included.

“Every One Deserves a Few Good Surprises In Their Lifetime.”

Giving back to our communities and helping those who are in need are integral parts of who we are at 7679_1051425714879933_6441886761736591453_n#Surprisethestruggling™.  It is important for #SurpriseTheStruggling™ to be that voice, that example of change, that is willing to take action and make things happen for the better.  Our children are our future and we must be willing to be the example of what we hope to inspire them to be.

Whether it’s hosting a Sip & Drop, a Holiday party, a baby shower, a workshop, a fundraiser, on the streets giving out purses and knapsacks, handing out food, water, and clothing, protesting injustices, or volunteering and sponsoring with another organization, #SurpriseTheStruggling™ is committed to making an impact and changing lives.

We12400716_1055979777757860_5743915736725782380_n encourage you to join us in giving back. Become the solution to the problems that many of our communities are facing today. Email us at, or for an information packet on how you can become an Ambassador, volunteer, or host an event to help assist our organization in its efforts to help our homeless communities and those who made need an extra helping hand during their time of struggle and transition. One person can definitely make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Please inquire about how to donate a new or used purse filled with toiletries, clothing, or just toiletries at either email address. Monetary (tax deductible) donations through PayPal are also encouraged. No amount too small. Be sure to click the donate button and spread the word!


Thanking you in advance for your generosity and kindness! You are greatly appreciated.