About Us

Our Mission

#SurpriseTheStruggling’s mission is to provid____sts14e women and teen girls with the bare necessities to help them feel better about themselves and to be able to cleanse properly, by providing them with the essential toiletries to help facilitate that endeavor.

Executive Director and Founder Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson, PhD

Dr. Wilson is the executive director and founder of #SurpriseTheStruggling™, the global hashtag movement with ambassadors reaching across the globe. #SupriseTheStruggling™ Inc., a 501 c 3 non-profit organization, was created to assist homeless women and teen girls with the bare necessities to properly cleanse themselves in the midst of their struggles. Gifting them with gently used purses filled with toiletries, such as pads, deodorant, wipes, sanitizer, socks, toothbrushes/toothpaste, soaps, and etcetera.

Since its inception, Dr. Wilson, and her team have collected and given away countless purses filled with toiletries for homeless women and girls. The team, along with Dr. Wilson herself, have hit the streets of New York and New Jersey, distributing the donated purses and toiletries to various women in various stages of need; managing also to make a few backpacks for some of the homeless men they encounter, as well.

Ambassadors of #SurpriseTheStruggling™ campaign have come together, hosting Sip & Drops, Brunches, Dance Classes, Baby showers for mothers in homeless and domestic violence shelters, and an Art Clinic, in their hometowns and cities, with the cost for entrance for most activities, a new or slightly used purse filled with toiletries. Creative get together’s are happening all over the globe, raising awareness, and collecting purses for the #SurpriseTheStruggling™ campaign.

Dr. Wilson has experienced some harsh realities in her life. Yet, she continues to strive to better her life, and that of her family by not to allow her past to dictate her future, but strengthen her for the journey that lies ahead. From fighting the statistics of teenage motherhood to beating homelessness, Dr. Wilson has broken the stereotypes and statistics that said she could not and would not beat the odds against her.

Giving up not an option, Dr. Jacquelyn Wilson continued to dream and strive for what would be a better life for her and her children. Along her journey, she has experienced heartache and setbacks, yet her determination to make a difference has led to groundbreaking movements through The Stop Bullying Project® (A for-profit organization helping to combat bullying through the Arts and Education) and now, her efforts with the global hashtag campaign, #SurpriseTheStruggling™ and the non-profit organization of the same name.

Dr. Wilson—entrepenuer, philanthropist, humanitarian, businesswoman, four-time honoree, community leader, producer, director, author, and mother—along with her artist, team, and a team of global ambassadors are determined to make a change in people’s lives. #SurpriseTheStruggling™ is a movement. A cause to speak to the lives of countless others, and let them know that anything is possible…no matter what you have experienced in life. She’s helping to change lives one person at a time. From the hood to Hollywood to the White House.

In February of 2018, #SurpriseTheStruggling celebrated its second year Anniversary of #SurpriseTheStruggling.

Dr. Wilson has appeared in numerous magazines, interviewed by notable radio hosts, co-chaired humanitarian events, sits on numerous panels for women’s rights and advocacy for children. Other countries have extended invitations to share her gift and expertise on how we can begin to make positive, long-lasting changes globally. Dr. Wilson is currently at work on her first series in motivational books.

To find out more about Dr. Wilson, the woman behind #SurpriseTheStruggling, visit her website, Jacquelyn Wilson.