Celebrating Women’s History Month…Edna Lugo!



Our Celebration of Women’s History Month continues! #SurpriseTheStruggling’s twelfth highlight this month is the rock-star and champion survivor Edna Lugo— #SurpriseTheStruggling’s go to mixologist and inspirational reminder of what thriving while surviving looks like. There are so many reasons to celebrate Edna. At the top of the list; her strength and determination. From the very first moment we met this dynamic woman of courage, we have been inspired and reminded of how precious life is and how we must always take each day as the gift that it is while making every moment of life worth something remembering.

Edna Lugo CocktailVixens Mobile Bartending Company

In such a small package reside so much strength, power, and courage. Edna wholeheartedly embodies the mission of #STSGlobal by living her life and making every moment count. Her passion for life and pushing forward through obstacles has inspired us to keep pushing past every hurdle that may come our way. Only Enda can truly tell her story and give you an accurate glimpse into her life. However, as we have gotten to know Edna and all that she stands for and the passion and strength that she exudes—it did not surprise us that Edna is a cervical cancer survivor. There is no way a woman with so much love, passion, and determination would ever allow a beast like cancer, to win. She kicked it in its rear end and is living her life on her terms; making a difference in other people’s lives while living her passion and dreams and servicing others. Her talents, her creativity, her gifts, and her passion, inspires us each day to live our best life now.

Edna Lugo—Businesswoman, Inspiration, Champion, Survivor—is the owner of CocktailVixens™. A Mobile Bartending Company, CocktailVixens™ specializes in servicing a variety of social and private venues in the Tri-State Area. They treat you and your event uniquely. They specialize in bringing your event to life with their customized drinks for any occasion, including non-alcoholic beverages.

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When you hire CocktailVixens™ for your event, please know that you are receiving the best in mobile bartending services. Be certain to inquire about their signature and customized drinks. Once you have experienced CocktailVixens™ services and quality drinks, you will not consider any other company for your events. They are truly geniuses at what they do! Be certain to follow Edna and CocktailVixens™ at,  https://www.facebook.com/pg/CocktailVixens and  https://www.instagram.com/cocktailvixens/  Email: cocktailvixens@gmail.com  http://cocktailvixens.com/

We encourage you to get to know this inspiring woman of courage. Be inspired by her strength and passion. We salute you, Edna Lugo! We are humbled and inspired by your courage and conviction. We are honored to have you be a part of the #SurpriseTheStruggling Family!