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Statistics on Homelessness in NYC…

In February 2015, there were 60,484 homeless people, including 14,386 homeless families with 25,105 homeless children, sleeping each night in the New York City municipal shelter system. Families comprise nearly four-fifths of the homeless shelter population.

For the first Quarter of 2016, based upon Shelter Census’, there are at least, 35,000 homeless adults, and 22,000 homeless children. Single adult shelters reported, nearly 4,000 homeless women and nearly 10,000 men. Shelters with families’ census show about 12,000 families, 17,000 adults, and nearly 23,000 children.

These statistics only account for those who have actually made it to a shelter. It does not take into account the number of homeless that are currently without shelter and live on the streets, or in their cars. Also, we can note that there are a number of nursing homes that are either closing their doors or raising their costs, leaving many nursing home bound patients homeless.

There are only three woman’s shelters in NYC that help only women. And there are approximately only two specific group homes for teen girls, while the rest of the group homes cater to both sexes.

Let’s do all that we can to help those who are in need.